Brazilian hair shots are equally horrendous

Somethings are the same irrespective of which corner of the world you are. Just saw a really bad hair shot in a bus advertisement for a bunch of hair care products in Brazil. Well, the woman resembled Rani Mukherji from far away and when we got closer to the bus, the hand on the hair looked ridiculously superimposed… you could see gaps in the hair shot (like split ends.. that’s what one of my bosses would say)…. I am sure some poor brand manager obsessed over this shot for hours or days before the artwork went out (and maybe the brand managers boss really made him obsess too) ….. Really reminded me of work after 6 months. And I wrote this post just to remind myself about the things that I am not missing.

4 thoughts on “Brazilian hair shots are equally horrendous

  1. This bus seems to be from Belo Horizonte. if you are still here, try to go to Serra do Cipó, there are beautiful waterfalls there. Nice blog, brought nice spirit of backpacking life.

  2. Thanks so much Cora for your comment…. If there is anything I can help you with regarding your India trip, do contact me…. And peru backpacker…… loved some of the machu picchu stuff you have posted

  3. I never noticed how dreadful hair product ads are, but yes, you’re right! I stumbled upon your blog looking for travel and Índia (I just postponed a trip to October), and was delighted to find a reverse experience of sorts; I liked very much your sense of humor and keen observation. I hope you have a wonderful stay in Brazil.

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