She was more than a pair of shoes to me…

After 5 years, my favourite and only pair of sneakers died in Chapada Diamantina National Park. Its unbelievable where all she (thats what Ill refer to my shoes as) has been with me… Traveling crazily around Asia, Europe, South America…. Braving every Capoeira class…. Reluctantly accompanying me on my work conferences…. Dancing away in Samba clubs… Walking through deserts, snow, beaches, mountains, rivers, cobble stone streets…

Chapada was an intense trek for 3 days and I saw her crying in pain and falling apart… I knew she wasn’t in the best shape when we left for Chapada.. But, being selfish, I still took her with me… Actually, I dont think I would have survived Chapada but for her… Every step, and she looked worse…. It almost feels like she gave her life and I survived the trek…

People say that you have to let go off the ones you love.. Only when they go away do you realise their value…. I dont buy that bullshit. I always knew how much she meant to me even before she died and no one can take that away from me… Well, I had to let go…. I buried her in this little village called Capao in Brazil… Now, Im left with an evil step sister of hers (purple flip flops)…. the evil step sister has given me horrible shoe bites and blisters…

Anyway, I hope she loves the little village in the valley where I buried her….. Rest in peace darling! You are truly irreplacable… Missing you so much!


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