Saidera in Vitoria…

Saidera was a concept totally strange to me till I met Mauricio, our couchsurfing host in Vitoria. We decided to stop in Vitoria on the way to Bahia. Kinda mid way between Rio and Bahia and the capital of the state of Esppirito Santos, its a sleepy little island town… the bay dotted with little fishing boats (and little fishing kids)…. known for the amazing seafood (we only ate shrimps one day and Aarti developed an alergy)… a coffee export destination…

Next door to Vitoria is this other town Vila Velha, which had a monastery on a hill… Remember Mauricios friend commenting that Vila Velha and the little hill existed just so that one could climb up to get a view of beautiful Vitoria….. He also said something about Vila velha having its own Copacabana beach and Beverly hills…. Didn’t see too much love there…

Neesha had stayed with Mauricio in Belo Horizonte and had been raving about him for the longest time. So, when we heard that Mauricio was going to visit his father Mauro in Vitoria, we decided to make a pit stop there. Mauricio, his dad Mauro, his dads friend Flavio, his two brothers, brothers kid Pedro…. all guys…. have never visited an all guy family before… so, it was amazing to see the way they functioned.

All of them loved beer. That’s where Saidera comes in. Saidera actually means ‘the last drink’… and when you are with Mauricio, you basically never have the last drink.. You keep drinking till its morning and then you start the day by drinking beer again. With Mauricio, you can’t get enough of 2 things… beer and music. A professional guitarist, he sings and plays the guitar all day… he only stops when he needs to take a sip of beer. He taught us how to sing this lovely song Metamaphorsis Ambulante…. and even taught me how to play the song on the guitar…. Made me relive my college days playing the guitar.. Ofcourse, it is a significant jump from Carpenters to Raul Seixas.

Mauricio’s dad whips up the most amazing breakfast with various types of bread, super strong coffee and delicious cakes. His dads friend Flavio is a charmer totally… Aarti and I enjoyed hanging out with him, discussing Aarti’s lovelife.. about finding Aarti a Brazilian boyfriend…. if only Flavio was around 20 years younger… They enjoy life to the fullest you can see… I dont know whether its just unique to this family or it is a Brazilian trait… but, being with them, you actually feel so relaxed you forget that you need to jump on the bus and continue your travel.

Ive thought about Mauricio so much after leaving his place. He is definitely one person I want to visit again… maybe in Belo Horizonte….. take some music lessons from him.. learn to play the guitar….. enjoy Saidera… If I had the power to make some impossible things happen, I would be able to give Mauricio a perfect gift. A third hand (that can hold the beer can) so that he doesn’t have to stop playing the guitar to take a sip….

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