Romance é tudo

I just realised that I am a total sucker for romance.

I just attended a Brazilian wedding (Brazilan marries American) and was totally blown away by the romance. I guess Ive only seen such weddings in movies with the whole ‘we are gathered here to celebrate.. blah blah’ and ‘i take so and so to be my lawfully wedded husband… till death do us apart’ thing…. well, in India, I guess we spend so much time on the drama, that the real romantic part of the wedding is lost in days of dancing and music and the bride changing outfits.

The wedding I attended today was simple and refreshing. Erica, this wonderful American woman I met in Salvador invited me to go with her. She was asked to play translator at the wedding as she spoke Portuguese and English. Erica has been living in Salvador for more than a year.. she is setting up an NGO for the homeless…. I jumped at the opportunity to go, expecting a whole new cultural experience… I even borrowed a dress from my host…. (really did feel special)

Apart from the cultural immersion, it turned out to be one of the most romantic things I have ever seen….. Where did the romance come from…. It was everywhere….

It was lingering in the room that was decorated in lavender and white. It was evident in the the way Scott (the American groom) turned up 45 minutes ahead of time and patiently waited for Cynthia (the Brazilian bride) to turn up. It was so obvious in the way he said ‘Cynthia left the US a week earlier and I couldnt bear to be without her for a week’. I could feel the romance when Scott’s grandpa stood there proudly watching his grandson so eagerly wait to get married. I could see it in Aurea’s (Cynthia’s mom) energy and her running around the room to make sure everything was perfect… I could see it in the little candle tree… I could see it in Cynthia who incidentally looked like Jennifer lopez from Maid in Manhattan, only 100 times better… I could see it in the sunset outside the wedding hall.. I could see it in the background beach view.. I could see it glinting in the champagne glasses… I could see it so clearly when Scott stood there at the end of the aisle with tears in his eyes (actually) waiting for Cynthia.. I could see it when they were laughing and holding hands as the minister ranted away in Portuguese… Scott didn’t understand much but he was looking into Cynthias eyes like there was no tomorrow … I could definitely see it when he was kissing her.. I could see it when he was dancing with her… I could see it when he stood there looking like a little lost boy in love as Cynthia spent 5 dramatic minutes trying to throw the bouquet towards the single women… Romance was the flavour of the day!

I really feel like getting married all over again. If I could, I would do the whole thing in Portuguese….. Phew! How romantic. Imagine this….. Estamos aqui reunidos para a celebracao do casamento de Aparna. Esta celebracao marca o amor entre dois jovens que se conherceram e estao florindo suas vidas com esta uniao. ‘O Aparna aceita voce como sua legitima esposo, na saude e na doenca, ate que a morte os separem!’ Maybe one day.. who knows!

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