Chica Loca in Cordoba

After a lazy week in Santiago and a magical trip to Easter Island for a week, I had decided to head to Argentina. I had to make my way back to Brazil before Christmas. Neesha had already left Santiago for Cordoba, Argentina. Mauro had a friend Luz Adriana (a Colombian chica loca) in Cordoba. Neesha had decided to stay with her…. and I decided to head there too…. I had no expectations from Argentina. I had decided after visiting Buenos Aires that I would need about 3 months, sometime in my life, to come back to Argentina and experience life there.. Buenos Aires was hardly Argentina and I cannot expect to see anything more in the week that I had left. So, I had no expectations from Cordoba. Was just a pit stop for me on the way to Brazil. Nothing more… So, I reached Cordoba with pretty much the sole intention of doing anything that Neesha wanted to do… and make my way back to Brazil. But, I had no idea what surprise package was waiting for me there. In the form of Luz.

Luz is a delight. Take a 28 year old and put her in the body of Jessica Wakefiled (18year old from Sweet Valley University books… I think I read that when I was in highschool) and you get Luz. Actually, you may just get 10% of Luz. She can give you the ‘I need to be on the Vogue cover’ look… She can also give you the ‘I want to flunk out of college and I dont care’ look. She can tell you ‘I am in love with this guy…. ‘ and a few minutes later tell you ‘I am in love with this guy too…’. And she will sound convincing…. in a Jessica sort of way. She will call you Nina (what they call girls in Colombia.. kids I think) … She will speak to you only in Spanish and make sure you do that. She will party all night and spend all day planning the next party. She will write the list of people to invite for the party about 10 times.. over and over again… She has more makeup than the Mac Store and more dresses that I ever owned in all my life.

She is all that.. and she calls her mom everyday to update her…. She may be the girl who cries in the bathroom silently.. I dont know… She will drink Mate (Terrere) like an Argentinian…. She will dance like a Colombian… actually, she can even dance like an Indian to Daler Mehendi Music…

She will change her jacket 3 times before stepping out of the house… More than anything, Luz is looking for perfect love…. She believes that she will find that in India (and maybe even in a club in Cordoba)… She takes photos… oh does she.. and she puts them on Facebook at the speed of light… Luz at this party and that pool get together… blah blah… She is the social butterfly of Cordoba… the Colombian Chica Loca (Crazy girl) who injected some of her energy into Argentina…

I only spent 3 days with her… Neesha spent almost 10 days… imagine what she can add to this…Love you Chica Loca.. I mean that…. Afterall, the only pair of earings I am wearing in this trip is the long red pair you gifted me….

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