Bullshit Resolutions…. Feliz 2009!

Its 2009. I cant believe it. Its 3.5 months since I left on this trip.. mid point of the 7 month trip.. So much has happened.. I was thinking about resolutions, wishes, all that new year stuff people think about last week.. its what I call the guilt trip week… think about all the things you have done the previous year and see what you need to work on and make a list of things and con yourself that you are gonna make it better the next year.. I’ve done it every year.. last week, i tried to do something like that…. I told myself i need to get up in the morning and go for a jog starting 1st Jan… I need to stop drinking beer. I need to get less restless. I need to call my family more. I need to think about what I am going to do with my job when I get back. I need to make an effort to make some relationships work…. I need to start afresh on many things. I need to drink more water.. and less coffee. I should probably turn vegetarian. I should really ground myself a bit more…. So many of these thoughts were running on my mind the entire week.

And then it was 31st night and I was a part of what they call ‘Revellion 2009 in Copacabana Beach’, Rio De Janeiro. The endless party…. (its probably still going on in Rio)

Jan 1st 2009 morning – I was high on beer, craving for coffee, not having drunk any water, barefoot with my slippers stolen and some random guy having peed on my foot, drenched white clothes, a brazilian flag draped around me, sand in my hair… nowhere near taking a jog.. had not called my family to wish them yet… hanging out with totally refreshing company… not thinking about anything but that moment.. and loving it completely… what a night. Resolutions… bullshit.

That’s where I am going to leave it. The night I did not feel the need to take photos to remember. The rest is for you to experience when you get to be a part of Revellion XXXX.

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