Eu Sou Casada … Estoy Casado…

Well.. been contemplating about writing this post for a really long time.. For those who don’t understand Portuguese or Spanish, the above title means ‘I am married’. One of the most interesting learning of mine so far in this trip has been on this. Here is my theory..

1. Its AMAZING to be ‘MARRIED’ and traveling ‘WITH’ your husband in Latin America.. its a romantic country.. wonderful locations… fabulous music.. everything you can ask for to make it a memorable holiday.

2. Its AMAZING to be ‘SINGLE’ and traveling ‘ALONE’… There are enough hot Latin Ameircan men around you.. enough interesting travelers… enough romantic situations… this is a Single persons paradise.

Well… situation 1 and 2 are AMAZING. Where am I? As usual, I have found myself in a very unique position indeed – Situation 3

3. It is FREAKING STUPID to be ‘MARRIED’ and traveling ‘ALONE’. Neither do you have your husband in this bloody romantic place nor can you hook up with random Latin American men.

Anyway, to make the most of my situation, I have been practicing saying ‘I am married’ in Spanish and Portuguese to keep some of the Latin American attention away. You dont have to look like a model to get that attention. Just being a woman is good enough to attract Latin American men.. Like a magnet… And if you are a woman from India, its like finding a cold beer in Atacama desert for them.

So, religiously, I keep mentioning my husband to people. One lethal mistake I made in Buenos Aires was refer to my husband Roy as ‘Esposa’, which means ‘Spouse’ in feminine gender. For almost 2 days, there was this friend of mine who thought I was lesbian with a woman partner back in India. After sharing my wedding pictures, it was almost like a discovery for her finding out that I had a husband back home and me finding out the difference between Esposa and Esposo.

Anyway, language lessons… gender lessons.. call it what you want… its been interesting convincing people I am married. Without a wedding ring in Latin America, you need to carry your wedding pictures as proof. Thats probably your only saving grace.

If nothing works, learn to say ‘STOP’ in those languages.

3 thoughts on “Eu Sou Casada … Estoy Casado…

  1. Thanks Bindu for your message…. I do hope to go to Ecuador and colombia one day.. even if you spend a whole year here in south america it would still feel as though you havent seen much… just overwhelmed by the Iguazu falls today.. was amazing…. Loved your blog too.. turtle walk.. did that when i was in college : ) reliving some of my experiences through your blog too

  2. You have a very interesting blog here! Having traveled to Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia and planning a trip to Argentina – all in separate years, it’s easy to see the wisdom in doing it all in a slow-paced way as you are doing. It’s very interesting reading your experiences! We get to re-live ours in some of your posts and and learn about some new places in others. 🙂

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