First purchase… First loss…

After almost 2 months of traveling, I finally visited a street fair and bought something other than postcards. A lovely pendant, with some celtic design…. that particular design was meant to protect travelers and that’s what really attracted me in the first place.

Within a week of purchasing it, I lost my wallet. Or should I say I think my wallet was stolen. Thank god Roy is with me… have spare cards and money and all that.

I did a couple of stupid things and hope not to repeat them again. But, here are some tips
1. Carry a safety pouch and keep your passport, debit card and money in it…
2. Don’t carry a wallet.. just keep the debit card in the safety pouch with some money and daily
money in your pocket… don’t take out big notes in front of people..
3. Split the cards and money you have between the safety pouch and your bag.. cause its best to have some emergency cash always tucked away in your backpack
4. Make a note of every debit card / credit card number. Incase you lose it, cancel the same immediately by calling the emergency visa number.. tourism police will give you this number
5. Last but not the least, if you have lost everything.. money, cards.. and dont have any option, you can ask people back home to wire money to you through Western Union or something like that.. check out the option on the net…

Whatever the case maybe, first purchase and first loss.. hope it neutralizes itself.. and I don’t lose anything else in this trip.

PS: By the way, in the photos post this wallet loss, I may look slightly fatter thanks to the security pouch adding a few inches.

5 thoughts on “First purchase… First loss…

  1. Finally caught up with your blog!!! Gosh, it’s been an absolutely entertaining read! All the very best for the next leg of your trip, Ninja..Sendin’ you lots of louve and axe!

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