Things that remind me of home

There are hundreds of things I have seen that remind me of people back home.. people I love.. friends, family… I have decided to post the stuff here just to tell you guys how much I miss you all.

For my sister, who hates the cold

For my Capoeira friends, especially the beach bums

Something that reminded me of Gata aka Tilo

And let me know forget Sapo aka Brian

Cant believe there is a sushi place named after my vegetarian friend Kanu

My coffee buddies Sandhya and Nimesh… PD and Chats.. It shouldve had Darjeeling Tea and Cafe Caramel too

I better not take too much Panga.. but, the next one is for Ruchika, my ‘diet crazy’ friend from Capoeira class…

This is to Langera aka Armelle Dubois.. The original word is Laranja or Laranjinha (little orange)

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