Inacreditável – Eu estou em Brasil

Honestly felt that the first post from Brazil should atleast have a Portugese title… I spent a couple of minutes with the dictionary framing that sentence which means “Amazing.. I am in Brazil”. Its been 3 days and I don’t know where to begin. But, I thought I should share a photo of Neesha and me with the Brazilian flag on a shutter. Its just symbolic of the fact that we are here… and we are elated about it.

8 thoughts on “Inacreditável – Eu estou em Brasil

  1. Ahh.. you arrived.. and Brazil makes you close to speachless.. Obviously I’m still jealous.Blog is great though so far.. so I’m eagerly waiting for more..all the bestHelga

  2. Hey unitteligent guy : ) Reason why its black is because Black saves energy as compared to write.. any page with black background.. my little contribution to global warming : ) And Giriiiiiii.. i remember you ofcourse.. nice to hear from you…..

  3. Hey AparnaThis is Girija. We went to college together! Congratulations on kicking the trip off! Will keep track of you through your adventures!And might I add, am totally green with envy!

  4. wo… I envy.. I long to be there for while now. busy with stupid job and traveling else where. my Brazilian friends shared good site for info enjoy your trips..with Caipirinha along the way.;) and be safe…

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