Is this what you want to leave behind?

I spent a couple of hours at the Wisconsin Historical Museum, walking through the 4 floors… a lot of interesting information on the states rich history… ranging from politics to lifestyle, immigrant history to community living. There was one exhibit that clearly caught my eye… It was called ‘What will you leave behind?’. It was 4 levels of stuff that archeologists discovered under the earth (what a 70s family dumped). I did not have to study archeology to understand what it was trying to say. With the material that we use today and dump on Mother Earth, what will archeologists many thousand years later say about our times. Would there be anything meaningful from the material they collect..What would it say about our lifestyle… It is time for us to think about recycling and polluting our Earth with the garbage that we pollute it with. On the contrary, there was a person at the museum who got me thinking even more… He said ‘If we recycle everything, what would the archeologists find at all many many years later?’. I guess they may not exist (stuff and archeologists). Everything may be online and archived for people to see 10000 years later. Is that bad? I guess not… cause if we don’t change what we are doing and start dumping things even more, the Earth itself may not exist (forget about archeologists and their discoveries). Hope my post made some sense. It doesn’t matter if it didn’t. Just start using a cloth bag instead of a plastic bag after you read this….

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