What would I do without best friends like these…

Well.. who am I talking about… none other than Shalini Umachandran – my benchmate, ketchup buddy and best friend since Ethiraj B Com Evening days. All the writing practice in college (creative writing – essentially bitching about our professors) and years of hardwork has turned her into a fundoo journalist. Google her name and you know what I mean.

Well…. let me get to the point. Shal has written a story about me (yeah its true) for the Times of India. Its called ‘For backpacker, blogger is currency’. When she told me that she wanted to do a story, I did not believe her at all. I mean… who would want to read an article about an unemployed person who goes by the name Ninja. But, Shal can be mighty persistent. She did convince me that my marketing tactics combined with my travel is newsworthy. And I have to agree with that… it is a vicious cycle afteral. I convinced the guys who give me free stuff that they would get PR and then I think journalists are so amazed that I am getting free stuff that they wanna cover it anyway. Its novel in India and that is exactly why I am on TOI (Ofcourse with a little or tons of help from her best friends).

Its not even Oct 2nd where I am right now (in the US) and have already received loads of emails from people who have read the article (Chennai people do wake up early). old colleague from General Mills who moved to Minneapolis saw the article online and messaged me. A guy called ‘Inner Ninja’ (another blogger who is obsessed with anything Ninja) found my blog thanks to the article. I have been getting a pat on the back from long lost relatives (rare). And my little sister is forwarding the article to the whole world (I need to remind her its not an Oscar).

I have also received tons of messages from friends who think that Shalini and I are founding memers and active managers of ‘Aparna Shalini Mutual Admiration Society’ and this is free publicity from a best friend. What the hell…. everyone survives only ‘with a little help from friends’. Thanks once again Shal… Can’t wait for you to book your ticket and join me in Brazil.

Click here to read the article.

5 thoughts on “What would I do without best friends like these…

  1. thanx for dropping by! must say, i was pleasantly surprised about that.i linked your site from my page, hope that would help your traffic/sponsorship cause :Dall the best for your travels.

  2. Hi NinjaI loved your blog, your writings and the topic that you have chosen and also you website. I am also interested in travelling and writing about them. So please give me tips on the same. I know you are busy but please give the tips. Also tell me how to make my blogs and website more famous and increase the traffics to them. Waiting for your tips and reply.

  3. Here is one more congratulatory message. Superb. I love the idea of travelling and writing. And I’m sure it’s going to be fun following your blog. You should submit your blog at blogadda.com for more readers to know about your blog.All the very best and let us know interesting bits of information from around the world.

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