One long flight

Our flight was entertaining thanks to the wide collection of movies. 4 movies and a 4 hour nap and we reached NY. Apart from the actual on screen entertainment, you can observe a couple of people watching movies and figure out their movie type –

1. Nostalgic Neeta – Watching Khoya Khoya Chand followed by Devdas… tries to rewind to the part where Shahrukh does the famous drunk ‘Paro’ dialogue

2. Gaming Gautam – Playing online games on the Delta gaming gallery all 14 hours

3. Romantic Radhika – PS I love you, the new Las Vegas movie with Ashton Kutcher and then Penelope, a movie about a pig faced girl who seeks love.

4. Action Arjun – Jumper followed by Die Hard (very upset that Delta is not playing the Dark knight)

5. Sci Fi Suresh – Star Wars collection full time

6. Comedy Chandru – Anything with Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller. Jackie Chan will do too.

7. Bollywood Bina – Welcome, Namaste London, Partner – Anything with Katrina Kaif appeals to this audience, a group I stay really far away from.

8. International Indira – Oscar foreign film winners like Counterfeiters, throw in Almodovar’s Volver and atleast 1 South east asian film.

9. Musical Meena – Across the Universe and Dreamgirls. Rest of the time is spent humming some of the songs and disturbing co-passengers.

One unique set, who aren’t featured above – They are ‘Snoring Shyams’. Tucking themselves in one corner in this cocooned position with 2 pillows and a blanket, these guys don’t move. It looks almost like they are playing dead. You realise they are alive only when the snoring begins. Only one advice – try to get a seat as far away as possible from Snoring Shyams.

Any time spent awake and not watching a movie, we entertained ourselves by observing the crowd. That is how we came up with this –

How do you know that its a flight from ‘India’ to New York –

1. The Gujarati family eating Muttri (Namkeen) a few rows ahead of me
2. This old uncle watching reruns of an Aishwarya Rai interview over and over again
3. This other uncle requesting the steward for a toothpaste toothbrush kit
4. Found a Manickchand wrapper in the loo
5. Jain meals
6. Crying kids (a few of them) – the crocodile tear variety especially
7. Amul butter in the food tray

…. I guess you will find your source of entertainment in your flight when you travel……

….. Till then….

3 thoughts on “One long flight

  1. I do feel for you, especially the bit about bawling children. If people can request specific meals and smoke free zones in restaurants, why isn’t there a kid-free zone option on long flights. Or special kid-free flights for tired businessmen who do the trans-Atlantic haul several times and need their shut-eye? Worse than kids are the parents who think their offspring’s highpitched, ceaseless repetitions of the same line and things like kicking the seat in front or rampaging down the aisle are the cutest thing. If pets have to put in the hold…Okay this grumble is prompted from my much shorter flight home recently, but I’m glad you’re past the first lap of your journey safe and sound.

  2. Remember us? 🙂 We just stumbled upon your project/website/trip this instant, and all we want to say for now is… HAVE A GREAT TIME! Wish we were traveling in South America with you… But right now we’re stuck in California. Could be worse. 🙂 Absolutely looking forward to reading about your impressions of Brasil (especially).If you decide to proceed up up North, there’s a special couch for you.Enjoy, embrace that part of the world.Love,Paulo and Joanna(from Porto CA, Poland 🙂

  3. Hey aparna…I came across your profile on CS a few months ago. Though i haven’t been active on CS for various reasons it’s wonderful to see someone put everything else on hold and head off into a trip.Give’s me hope that it’s actually possible. I intend to follow your journey through the land of Che every step.All the best and be safe.

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