Delta Travel Personality

I never look at promotional mails from airlines. But, Delta mentioned 500 free miles on the subject and that got me checking. A personality quiz to take and 500 free miles. At 7 am when I was doing nothing – Fantastic. I was looking forward to some online quiz giving me a personality I have always been hoping for – like dreamy wanderer, adventurous traveler, nomadic soul or something like that. Instead, I get this – SPEED RACER (primary) and GRAND PLANNER (secondary) with stress on words like efficiency, productivity and throw in any management jargon that you see between here and the Delta office. A reality I need to start living with from today – even when it comes to travel, looks like I am a control freak.


As one of those rare, special people who gets things done quicker when there’s more to do, you prioritize your time to your advantage. You always find a way to accomplish more in record time, and you never met an obstacle you couldn’t circumnavigate. With such a need to get things done, anything that keeps your runways clear for takeoff is a benefit indeed!


3 thoughts on “Delta Travel Personality

  1. No premade plans are the best. this summer Im going to Europe for 60+ days. the only thing thats planned is the beginning and ending flights !!!! it should be awesome. I found a site that im prolly gonna document it on, its called check it out 🙂

  2. Just remember to use the freedom wisely, take a wrong turn every once in a while and see where it goes – let go, now that you have a chance! A random trip with no pre-made plans beyond the bare essentials (whatever that means to you – transport and place to stay for example)For me, the joy of travel often comes from not knowing exactly what lies ahead, expecting nothing and being prepared for anything, letting whatever comes up be the experience I was looking for.

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