Online Journey

Online journey before the actual one… up and running !

Before you even begin reading about my Latin American journey, here is a prelude to the website. I really wanted to capture my journey online and that was the reason I decided to start my blog Backpacking Ninja. With the complex online world and my limited knowledge, I felt that I had achieved a big thing by setting up a blog. Much to my surprise and many a tech savvy friends recommendation, I was told to register a domain name (Please dont hold this against me for throwing tech jargons – it is a recently discovered interest). For some wierd reason, my Indian spirit came forward and I registered a domain name with thinking that customer service was just a local call away. Whats this whole domain name bullshit I am talking about. Instead of you guys typing you can just type Its like a website. What I did not realise was that creating a website meant putting stuff into it and all that, which is called hosting. That meant more money. Absolutely no way.

So, another friend told me that all I need to do is redirect the URL to my blog. Woah woah – URL is the stuff you type to get to the webpage. Its like an address. And redirecting means it will then automatically take you to my blog. Its like this… Instead of giving you my actual address, I ask you to wait outside Gondola Restaurant, which is across the road. And the guy outside directs you to my home. See.. you got here with no trouble at all.

What I did not realise was that are big cons who don’t help people find their way to your blog. Its like this – Imagine the Gondola restaurant guy asks for 500 bucks to point my apartment to you, which is across the street. Basically, I had to call a few more techie friends and then figure that it was easier to point the domain to a third address and then direct you to my blog from there. Its like asking you to meet me at Totos instead of Gondola and walking a bit from Totos to my place. With a little help from my friends (Special thanks to Navin Kurian), you guys can find your way into my actual blog by typing

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