The longest time I’ve ever spent in the kitchen in my life

Well.. its not really new information that I hate to cook but love to eat. Ive been a firm believer of the fact that necessity is the mother of invention and hence, if I am ever stuck in a position where I have to cook, I will be able to give Karen Anand competition.

My kitchen history has only these chapters –

Chapter 1 – Pan for everything (I make everything in a pan… I donated other vessels)

Chapter 2 – Saving fuel (I cook so rarely that the cylinder lasts for 5 months)

Chapter 3 – Microwave the Saviour (Talks about my pal in the kitchen)

Chapter 4 – 5 spice (Not the chinese restaurant – its the basic spices youll find in my kitchen)

Chapter 5 – Post-It recipes (Basically, one sentence to direct the cook what to make for dinner)

Recently, I decided to enter the kitchen to make something other than coffee. Peer pressure and parental pressure you can say. Basically, three things that motivated me to enter the kitchen –

1. My friend Neesha – If i said that she could cook, it would be an understatement. She makes Irish cream from scratch, bakes like Betty Crocker and is referred to very sweetly as Mrs Don Pepe by my uncle, who tasted her Mexican food. She is my mom’s dream come true when it comes to the kitchen.

2. My upcoming travel – With a 7 month trip ahead of me and Latin Americans expecting me to cook Indian food in their homes, I thought that I should practice being in the kitchen for a bit. The last time I cooked for an international audience was in Madrid and the Spanish guy who hosted me thinks that Anda curry (Egg curry) is the most exotic Indian dish. I hope to make something better than that this time around.

3. Challenging myself… many times, in life, you have to do what you don’t like to see how long you can tolerate it. One more reason to enter the kitchen.

So, we started Sunday dinners 3 Sundays back.

First Sunday we cooked Thai.
Second Sunday we cooked Indian.
Last sunday we cooked Mexican.

So far so good….

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