Small Giants

Ive decided to start this post for all the people who I know who have started something on their own.. stepped away from the corporate world or their regular monthly salaries or lazy schedules into an unpredictable exciting world of entrepreneurship. Some of these people are really close friends.. some of them people I dont even know. What brings them together is their courage and I salute that. I hope to join this clan one day.

First and foremost, Nimesh and Sandhya, my two partners in crime from Marico. The three of us quit our job around the same time. Nimesh and Sandhya have started a Social Media Marketing company called Windchimes Communications. Their website will be up soon. In the meantime, you can reach them at and

My good friend from Capoeria class – Amrita aka Mel (Honey) and her sisters Shweta and Sheetal along with other friends have opened this cute little store called Attic in Khar. They are bringing together the work of 16 designers… Art, Accessories, Attire.. you name it.. they have it at the Attic. Check out details at

TSA Promotions and Events – A venture by T. Sameer – Idea Guru, BTL expert and a Marketer from the heart. A guy I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with. Check out his organisation if you are looking for BTL experts (

I spent a year Hyderabad when I was working with Britannia and one thing I did on a regular basis was visit Ten Downing Street. That’s where I met DJ Blackjack – A guy who plays nothing but fabulous music! Rock, blues, jazz, country… With Blackjack in charge, you have nothing to worry. Thundering Tuesdays as they used to be called at TDS never disappointed me.. look out for DJ Blackjack, when he visits other cities. His number is 98483-09835 – incase you want him to manage the music anywhere.. He can be reached on his facebook profile – Jack Jigg.

Hetal Doshi, a freelance designer – artistic, creative and understands exactly what you need. She quit her job at a very popular design agency to set up her own design consultancy… She manages her kid and her work brilliantly. Call her when you need any design – Cards, Branding, Logos, Invitations, anything… Hetal can be reached at 98209 02718.

Lalith Viswakumar, a good ole friend from Chennai has set up his own Eco Tourism place in the Nilgiris in South India. Aakruti Homestay offers some great deals. Handpicked by Responsible Travel, Trip Advisor and Eco Tropical Resorts, this place sounds amazing. Cant wait to visit… Check out –

… Look out for more…. Coming soon….

3 thoughts on “Small Giants

  1. Aparna,Many people touch your lives in may ways… small and big, some have expectations from you and some don’t, and you are the one who has touched mine in may ways and many times. You’re too brave to have quit everything to pursue your happiness and I wish you luck for a wonderful life!Cheers! You rock babe!

  2. Cant say much about the back packing experience being a chair bound bloodhound how ever love tghe idea of this space for those who have cut loose from the rat race and have joined the human race by doing what is important to them, on their terms and may the world be damned … That truly is the way to go….and I love it!Blackjack!

  3. Thanks so much babe.. you are the best. And you can surely be counted as one of the ‘brave’ for chucking it all to pursue what your heart truly desires.. travelling. Btw.. love how you have integrated these cools brands to ride along on your travel plans! Glad to know that some ppl still have the sense to know a good thing when they see it! 🙂

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