Eventful indeed – Backpacking Ninja on Event Faqs

The mention of events reminds me of the days I spent launching brands at 5 star hotels to a bunch of people, who pretty much wanted to turn up for free food. I also recall those college festivals where we practiced day and night to dance to Humma Humma from Bombay. I remember even earlier in school when we tried to organise a debating event and begged some local brand to sponsor it.

Somehow, at every stage in your life, you think you are done with events. And they come and haunt you in all shapes and sizes. What makes them fun – Just being a part of them. What makes them painful – If you are in the lowest rung (in hierarchy) and are organising all the details – For eg: the tea that the chief guest needs to drink.. or the purchase of the lace to make the frills for the dancers in one particular part of the programme. I guess I am lucky enough to have moved up the ladder a bit.

Not into organising events or playing manager… I am actually gonna witness quite a few events as I travel. The Carnaval in Brazil for starters. Apart from events in that scale, I hope to catch many a local event. Here is where Event FAQS comes in..

Event FAQS, an online portal, covered Backpacking Ninja as a wonderful opportunity for some brands to engage in experiential marketing. Check out this link – http://www.eventfaqs.com/index.php?rlink=topstory/top_stories_inner&csrid=819

As a exhaustive online resource for such events, Backpacking Ninja will be associating with EventFAQS to provide some eventful information throughout her journey.

Look out for the coverage on www.eventfaqs.com in the coming months !

2 thoughts on “Eventful indeed – Backpacking Ninja on Event Faqs

  1. Thats great. Also I suggest making a fan page on facebook. Not a community. So when a person becomes a fan everyone will see a notification and can check it out. For that just scroll sown on the facebook profile page and click on “advertising”. And its free.!

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