Backpacking Ninja is now Powered !

Things like this only happen in movies – That’s what my mom told me.

Things like this happen only due to God’s grace – That’s what my grandma told me.

Things like this happen only to people who want to make things happen – That’s what my sister told me. For a change, I have to agree with my sister.

What are we talking about – its my new travel notebook PC – called the EEE PC, lauched by Asus, a Taiwanese company. Already popular in countries outside India, ASUS launched their EEE PC just recently in India. Its an interesting story how I came across the EEE PC. What’s more interesting and actually miraculous is that Asus agreed to give me some sponsorship for the same. So, in effect, my EEE PC is as good as a FR’EEE’ PC. I love it even more.

So, here’s the story about this adorable new laptop of mine.

Well.. before I purchased the laptop, someone asked me.. why the hell would I want to carry a laptop around Latin America. I guess the answer is kinda evident… to ensure that I entertain all you regular readers with my nonstop nonsense. I shouldnt forget to mention that my family were ok with me galavanting in Latin America only if I could stay connnected.. that includes a phone, a laptop and if they could really make it happen, a leash all the way from Bandra.

With the objective remaining ‘Stay connected’, I began the hunt for a laptop. I visited stores like Croma and some other tech stores in the neighbourhood. All I found were laptops larger than life. Well.. now they all seem larger considering my laptop is really small. You gotta see it to believe it. I think its about the size of 6 cigarette packs put toogether. Ofcourse, my husband has been telling me that things look small relative to me (loves calling me an elephant).. I shall clearly choose to ignore his comment.

Anyway, my criteria for purchase was simple… the laptop needs to be small.. it needs to be light.. the battery needs to last like a marathon runner… the laptop with speed of Phelps maybe.. helps me email.. upload photos.. surf the net… some cool colour options… it can be hidden under my jacket if i were getting mugged and wanted to run with my laptop (kiddin).. ok ok .. i wasnt that rigid..

After checking out really cool laptops that cost a bomb and not so cool ones that were affordable, the EEE PC caught my eye. I was just walking by the laptop aisle when something the size of the calculator in my kirana shop below caught my attention. Phew ! It was a latop indeed.

That’s when the golden words of my friend Vishal Gupta (an IIT passout.. so i would trust him on tech advice) came to my mind. He had mentioned the EEE PC to me once before but I had never really wanted to purchase a laptop then. But, now with this cool my mini laptop in front of my eyes and a tech guru’s advice to top it, I checked out the features of EEE PC. It met my requirements –

  • Bloody light – After weighlifting my company Toshiba for 4 years, this seems like a piece of sponge cake.
  • Small and convenient – Comes with a nice black velvet sleeve. Can actually fit into my handbag.
  • Long battery life – 7 hours – Perfect to catch 2 movies on a bus journey.
  • 1 GB RAM – I actually dont know what the hell it means.. but I am told that it makes the computer pretty fast. Basically, am not making coffee while the machine boots.
  • 80 GB hard disk – Cool to store all the pics and videos I tarke as well as music I get from places I travel to.
  • Has Windows XP – I think I was working on Windows 98 on my office comp for the longest time. This is really an upgrade for me. Ive finally moved up the value chain.
  • Wi-Fi – So, i can connect to the net in free wi-fi places around the world. (anything free I love)
  • Bluetooth – Its amazing. I took pics on my phone and transfered it to the laptop in seconds.
  • Colours.. I did not have to subject myself to a silver grey anymore in life. I now own a cool black laptop.
  • And…. now, sit down and wait for the most amazing feature – it has a sexy camera built into it. I can stare at the screen and the laptop takes a picture or video of me. It even has a built in microphone so the videoo gets captured with sound. I am gonna take lovely videos of myself doing the samba and send it over. Can you beat that.
  • And it cost less than 30 K… there are couple of versions of the EEE PC (Linux one just costs 17500 and the one I got costs around 29 K – a steal)

Sometimes, technology scares me.. but, this rocks seriously.
Anyway, before I go on and on about this laptop of mine, I must profusely thank the Asus Team for believing in my journey and sponsoring me. If there is one reason why you guys are gonna be able to read about my adventures online, check my photos and so on.. its thanks to EEE PC.

Look out for the stories from remote locations….. Afterall, Backpacking Ninja is now Powered!!!

4 thoughts on “Backpacking Ninja is now Powered !

  1. I checked out the eepc. I feel it is good if you are going to use it for travel and just check email. Otherwise it lacks the features needed which i found in a 20k dell laptop viz Dvd reader and writer which i need to make dvd movies when i travel . The keyboard was a bit cramped (model 7″ eee).And the dealer told me he can only give me linux on it . So you are lucky 🙂 .Also congrats its FREEEEE 🙂

  2. Ninja, you are a ROCKSTAR. My dad has one of the Asus EEEs and it is the cutest / coolest thing ever. Can’t wait to see it in New York!-Molly

  3. OMG.! God bless ASUS! You get to travel and keep the laptop.! And my mom and grandma said its bad to be jealous.. 🙂 Good one.! And if its got a webcam you can capture live video and broadcast it like in the wierd compaq add.

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