Lets begin with ABC

Had an interesting conversation with a dear friend of mine (Forever Dramaqueen) and laughed over how ABC differs for each one of us… Below, Ive captured ABCs for some of my dear friends… I guess Ill keep adding more as and when I feel like

Almost a writer aka Aparna.. Travel lover…
A for Airport..
B for Backpack..
C for Cheap tickets..
Can also be … (thanks to the South America obsession)
A for Argentina
B for Brazil
C for Chile

Roy the sensible banker..
A for Account
B for Bank
C for Credit card

My mom who loves Chennai..
A for Adyar
B for Besant nagar
C for Chennai

My grandmother who is a snacking expert
A for Adhursam
B for Bakshanam
C for Carasev

My other grandmother who is in love with South indian culture
A for Arangetram
B for Bharatnatyam
C for Carnatic music

Sandhya and Nimesh… the new online marketing experts.. .
A for Advertising
B for Blog
C for Communication

Pooja.. fashion expert..
A for Armani
B for Burberry
C for Calvin Klein

Baba who eats and breathes Capoeria
A for Armada
B for Bencao
C for Compasso

Aarti, who is a potpourri of things
A for Adventure
B for Business
C for Crazy

Neesha, one of best cooks I know
A for Angel food cake
B for Brownie
C for Chocolate mousse

Shal.. book lover.. fabulous journalist.. and my best friend
A for Agatha Christie
B for Bernard Shaw
C for Charles Dickens

Suprotim the movie buff
A for Action
B for Behind the scenes
C for Casting couch

My maid, without whom I cant survive
A for Atta
B for Bindi
C for Chaval

My boss who loves wine
A for Abocado
B for Blanc
C for Chardonnay

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