Whats a backpacker without a good backpack?

My new backpack just arrived… Wildcraft, makers of adventure travel equipment in India were kind enough to sponsor my backpack and sleeping bag. A huge carton arrived in my name in office and normally, I ignore such stuff knowing that it contains 100’s of bottles of hair oil. But, this time, seeing the Wildcraft seal, I was jumping with joy. I ran home with the box and opened it… Here are the first pics with my backpack and sleeping bag. Loving it completely…

Thank you Wildrcraft !!!

3 thoughts on “Whats a backpacker without a good backpack?

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  2. I would say spend about 4 – 5 K for a good backpack + sleeping bag together. I earlier had a backpack from wildcraft and I love their stuff. That’s why I had approached them to support me and they are wonderful. If you are in Bangalore, you can check out their stuff in their showroom. Else, you can go to Avi industries in Mumbai and check out the samples of Wildcraft they have. You can even check out their website. I will write more about my experience with this stuff once I actually start traveling.

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