Why I still work for a company that sells hair oil..

People have always asked me what the perks are of working in a company that sells hair oil and how I feel motivated to do that all year through… Well, for 3 whole days every year, the company takes us to really far off countries like Thailand or Malaysia for a called leisure trip. Out of the 3 days, we typically spend 1 day in airports and flights, 1 day in a conference room sitting through presentations and 1 entire day (24 hours) doing fun things (fun for a few) that the company has planned for us.. like team building activities and stuff… Ooooh .. isn’t it exciting?

Somehow, if we manage to squeeze some time, we get to visit shopping areas, which sell south-east asian versions of Hill Road clothes and shoes at 1.5 times the price, which gives us the thrill of bargaining in a new country. Apart from that, we also get to savour Indian food for 4 out of the 6 meals as the rest of the team who travel for these trips cant live without their Paneer Butter Masala and Naan. I must admit that the Thai Alu tikis were amazing. If you are a teetotaller and don’t really care about team bonding, you can getaway from the parties that are planned as most of the people attending the party are too drunk to figure that you have already left…

The really smart employees in the organisation also try and make the most of these 3 days inspite of the official agenda…. escape at every opportunity possible to stay away from the office crowd and experience the new place the way it ought to be experiences…. They also extend their trips and spend another week doing their own thing in these countries. They meet local people, eat local food, travel by local transport and visit local sights…

Luckily, I am one of these smart people… Here are a few pics from my south-east asian escapades.. (at company expense)

Malaysia 2007
Dutch Church, Chinese Temples, Unconventional Mosques, Crazy tall Petronas tower, Buddhas, Tuk-Tuks, Rainmaker musical instruments… a pot pourri..

Thailand.. beach, bikes and more…

mg alt=”” src=”https://backpackingninja.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/dsc012491.jpg?w=300″ border=”0″ />

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