B..b..b..b. blog

Don’t really remember the day when this blog was created.. But, I do remember that it was a mechanical ‘Create new user’ method that I had followed. I obviously wanted to catch up with the blogging trend… I really did not know what a blog was all about. Well, its been a long time since then and only 13 measly posts and there is an evident battle in my mind about the purpose of this blog.

Somewhere, I wanted it to be only a travel exclusive blog with travelogues and travel photos. But, then I saw that people like travelpod, lonely planet thorn tree forum and every other travel site on the web offered just an exclusive space for that. Somewhere, I decided to write about stuff that I felt passionate about like Capoeira or protesting against eve teasing.. adding a personal voice touch to the blog. Then, I decided to post pics of beaches I like.. adding a little bit of photo touch to the blog. Overall, just looking at the blog today, I realised its quite hotch potch and no real flow to it.

Then, I decided to surf the net and see different blogs and saw posts like ‘I did not feel like brushing my teeth this morning’.. ‘I dont get paid enough’.. and so many random arbid throughts and posts.. it was rather personal.. like a diary.. many times, the reader wouldnt be able to relate to the stuff said on the blog… the entire concept of publishing a diary online removes the privacy and beauty of a diary… it seems strange and bizarre to me..

After that blog trip, I felt a little better that the stuff I decided to write about was something I wanted to share with the world.. my passion for travel.. my sudden highs in life like Capoeira.. It doesnt matter if people dont really understand the way I feel or express myself in the blog… A blog doesnt have to really be led by an objective.. or have any meaning.. It took me a while to actually submit myself to these thoughts..

At the end of the day, I should be in a position to read this post even 6 years down the line and smile at what I mustve been going through today to write a post like this..

Blog = Cloud (changes all the time) 


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