It took Malinder from Malaga to teach me the true meaning of relaxation… well, I dont think that word really existed in my dictionary till this Spain trip of mine in September..

I was known to jump around like cold water sprinkles on a hot pan… I was known to worry about the fact that there was nothing to worry about.. I was just plain hyper…

What did Malinder teach me???? “Art of Tranquillo” as I call it now is the true art of relaxation…. Everytime I start worrying about something, Malinder pops up in a thought bubble and tilts his head at me and goes “Tranquillo Aparna, Tranquillo”… I guess it just means “Chill out”… but the Spanish twist has just made it more aspirational than anything else…

A plain jane post it on my notice board with the words “Tranquillo” written on it with pencil has made me a calmer person… You dont believe it.. Just try it !!!


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