Capoeira Mumbai

I recently started Capoeira classes in Mumbai.. Every bone in my body hurts.. i have blisters under my feet.. But, i still eagerly wait for 7 pm tuesday… I see this strange energy flowing within me.. something which probably is the best kind of energy closest to filter coffee… Ive made a fool of myself trying to stand upside down against the wall when my cook walked in.. Tumbled trying to do a bridge in my living room and clicking an auto photo… To top it off, I mistook my father in law (Baba) with my teacher (Baba) when I got a call… This is an addiction in the making… and I am loving every bit of it…

Capoeira Mumbai

3 thoughts on “Capoeira Mumbai

  1. hey guys even i wish 2 learn this art…
    can u please help me out with the location and who should i contact in order 2 get in this..

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