Colaba cobblestone streets…a mini Europe in Bombay..

Dana, a visitor from Canada was staying with me for about 2 days and I showed her around Town a bit… One of her comments really made me think… Mumbai is so European she said…. The buildings.. Cobble stones streets in townside… Cafes… I had never really thought of it that way before.. That kinda shook me up.. I mean.. we spend the entire year slogging our butts off and saving to visit Europe for a measly 3 weeks and we tend to take our beautiful city for granted… This post is a tribute to the mini Europe in Bombay…




3 thoughts on “Colaba cobblestone streets…a mini Europe in Bombay..

  1. Maybe, you need to be a tourist to enjoy that completely! My very first to visit to Bombay made me feel it was quite European – esp the southern part of Mumbai!!!Yeah…with the mess of our day-today life, we tend to miss small things in life which actually bring a lot of happiness!Anyway – dropped here from Hospitality Club…worth the visit :)Cheers!

  2. Aparna. Have you heard the news about CS? It’s gone!!! And I feel terrible, empty and numb, devastated! I don’t think I ever saved your e-mail info, and I DO want to keep in touch – please e-mail me at narnua at gmail dot com, and btw, my blog’s here 🙂 rtwcountdown.blogspot.comAnu from Helsinki

  3. That is the St. Thomas’ Cathedral after which the name Churchgate was given to the Fort’s gate facing it!!! And yes, it is the Elphinstone College in your picture. The carvings on the Gateway Of India look marvellous. Will be glad to take you around a small tour of the Fort area if you wish someday if you are willing to walk a lot!!!Cheers,Aadil.

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