Afternoon at Sasoon Dock….

Saturday at Sasoon dock was an impromptu plan… after a heavy breakfast at Cafe Mondegar and a stroll through Chor Bazaar, Vivek and I were pondering about the next place to explore… Katie from couchsurfing had mentioned Sasoon dock to me sometime back… Born in Chennai, and having lived in a place not too far away from the beach… catamarans, fishing boats have always been on my interest list..

Took a cab there… quite a stink on the way to the fish market… but bearable… Fishing nets…. Ice carts.. the pictures speak for itself… Just one misfit … the high rises behind Sasoon dock..

Well… we travelled all the way from the suburbs to spend one afternoon drinking the view.. and the conscious effort made by the households to block the view from their balconys.. Rather ironic… But, thats Bombay!!!!


One thought on “Afternoon at Sasoon Dock….

  1. Wish I could have joined you too!!! The boats look pretty though I can’t smell the fish here!!! HAHAHA!!! Cheers,Aadil.

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